Project Description

When 970Muscle was getting set to open, Derek, the owner, asked if I'd create an advertising campaign that would reflect the spirit, intensity, and motivation that the gym encapsulated. He wanted a campaign that could translate from print to Facebook, and have coordinating graphics that could go from Facebook to the walls of the gym.

The main focus of the gym was to write the "970Muscle Manifesto" – a large format door graphic that captures the motivation and inspiration of 970Muscle and it’s members, while creating a cohesive look and feel with the gym. This piece was written to capture the essence of the facility and the members: a highly motivated and inspiring group of people working together so everyone can achieve their goals.

Completion Date

2013 – 2014

Skills Utilized

Graphic Design  //  Branding  //  
Typography  //  Copywriting  //  Advertising