Project Description

When ICM was presenting a new aquarium to developers in Athens they needed an extensive booklet to showcase not only their abilities but also the aquarium design and project inspiration and feasibility.

The 106 page booklet needed to be written and designed from start to finish in 10 days. More than 115 hours worth of work went into creating the book, including a custom illustration for the cover. An actual photo from a previous project was used, it was then morphed to looked like a concept drawing and then faded back into the final image. ICM wanted to conceptually show the developer their concept to completion approach.

Since the project was being presented to developers in Athens, a blue color palette was selected, while images that reflected the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas were used. The developer commented that the design was ”very impressive, meeting and exceeding the standards of a landmark destination.”

Completion Date

April 2015

Skills Utilized

Graphic Design  //  Print Layout  //  Copywriting  // International Public Relations  //  Branding 

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